Lines 2.1 for Windows

This video is created from the screen capture of the output of Lines.

A cut-down version of Lines running in your browser created using Three.js should appear as a popup. This may be blocked by your browser. If so, allow popups for this site and refresh.

Lines is a real-time virtual dynamic sculpture by Dominic Pukallus. The visual output of the program is an illustration of the emergent complex behaviour of a "flock" or "swarm" of thousands of coloured lines flying through 3D space, each obeying very simple rules. The values given which govern the lines' behaviour are derived from a formula which is used in the computation of the Mandelbrot set. Watch for the "Rainbow Serpent" effect.


To install Lines, simply unzip the dowloaded file and follow the instructions in the "Readme" file.

Depending on your Windows system configuration there may need to be additional files downloaded and installed for the application to work, however this should happen automatically.

If you like Lines please consider donating a contribution to its creator:

Bitcoin donation address: 1GGspHYsNHrHDB9bkvi5kJTT7LWZezMwdB